Breast Clinic


  • Miss Elizabeth Sharp
  • Mr Anil Poddar


  • the Breast Clinic is held in the Walmer A OPD area of QEQM

Times and Days of Clinics:

  • Thursday morning clinic: This is the main rapid access clinic for the more suspicious cases
  • Friday morning Clinic: This clinic is for the younger, more anxious patients (possibly less suspicious cases)
  • there is now also a clinic being run at K+C for patients with a stong family history of breast cancer and this can be accessed via the Breast Clinic at QEQM

How to make a referral:

  • if you are referring for something other than suspected breast cancer you can do a normal referral letter as appropriate
  • for suspected breast cancer do a Breast Clinic Rapid Access Referral

Rapid Access Breast Clinic Referral

Type of patient being referred to the Rapid Access Breast Clinic:

  • basically any woman who we suspect might have breast cancer
  • more worrying signs and symptoms include a hard lump, enlarging lump, bloody nipple discharge, skin tethering, non-mobile lump, increasing age, family history of breast cancer
  • men over 50 with a unilateral firm lump
  • see the referral form below which contains further details of the types of patients for referral

Rapid Access Referral Form:

                                Breast Clinic Rapid Access form

  • Fill-in as much detail as possible on this form. If you wish you can also send a clinical letter along with this form.
  • You then fax the completed referral form (+/- referral letter) to the Central Out-Patient office in Canterbury on fax number 01227 866300.
  • As an added check you can telephone this office on 01227 864240 to check that your faxed referral has been received.

What will happen to the patient:

  • At both clinics the patient will be seen by a doctor and definitely by the consultant if there are any suspicious findings.
  • The patient will have a breast examination and an ultrasound scan of the breasts (if appropriate) and this is done at the clinic.
  • They may then be sent for a mammogram (in the x-ray department) and they may have to have a core biopsy if deemed necessary.
  • The core biopsy is undertaken in the clinic on that day.
  • If a patient does have to undergo a core biopsy she will likely be at the clinic until lunch-time.
  • On the Thursday afternoon the Breast MDM meeting takes place and the results of the previous week's investigations are discussed there and management plans are put in place depending on the outome of these investigations.

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